How does the dynamic PIN work?

The PIN code is morphing and changing every 30 seconds.The dynamic PIN gives you the option to use a one-time PIN code for ATM and shop transactions. To turn on your dynamic PIN, simply go to your desired payment card in the application and toggle on the “dynamic PIN” - After you authenticate in the application with your (fingerprint, faceID or passcode), your 4 digit one-time PIN code will be displayed, giving you the time frame of usage for this particular code. You can use this PIN the next time you use your Lanistar payment card at a shop or ATM. This process can be used for any payment card that you have synced up onto your Lanistar payment card (e.g. your Santander current account), consequently raising the security of your other payment options.

There have been some changes to the application for this piece as dynamic PIN is not in scope for the standard payment cards. For the Volt payment card the dynamic PIN is generated directly on the payment card following the input of the static/secret PIN.

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