What is Polymorphic security and payments?

Polymorphic security and payments are where every retailer accepts whatever the
cardmember wants to fund their purchases with and the resulting method of payment is
consistent and completely secure.
It’s where the retailer no longer dictates the method by which a consumer will fund their
purchase. This represents a complete 180 degree pivot on who selects the source of funds
used for a purchase.
Volt will therefore provide each cardmember with a consistent user experience regardless of
payment type, platform, settlement method or destination account – and no matter whether
they’re spending online, over the telephone or in a store.
The Volt card has been designed to deliver this consistent polymorphic experience for
shoppers. When cardmembers link their Visa®, American Express® and Mastercard®
funding cards to the Volt card, they’ll be able to use any of these cards to securely fund their
purchases with, wherever Mastercard® is accepted – regardless of whether the retailer
directly accepts the card the cardmember wants to ultimately fund the purchase with or not.

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